Ultimate Gift List for Women who don’t ask

gift list for women

I’m here to show the ultimate gift list for women. This is the curated list of things, both big and small, that every woman wants.

If you are like me, then you can use this list as a starting point for letting people who ask know what you want when they are demanding a gift list. Or you can use this list to bail you out when you can’t figure out what to buy for her.

gift list for women

Have you met her?

She procures a detailed list of her deepest delights. Because of her articulate communication skills, all her loved ones know her list by heart.

Then on Christmas morning, she is sitting by the tree in her cozy Christmas PJs with her gleaming smile and perfectly coifed hair, her immaculate makeup. She has a mug of steaming coffee in one hand and a beautiful child in the other arm. And lo, the sky opens, angel voices sing, and behold…

She gets exactly what she wanted.

Who is she? Not me, that is for sure. If this is not you either, this post may help you come up with some ideas to pass along to give them an idea of what you want. 

Who Else Can We Save?

You can use this list for ideas of what to get that extraordinary woman in your life, too; the one who does not ask for things for herself.

A few times a year, people who love us want to bless us with gifts. It is so nice of them. Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages? It’s amazing and if you haven’t, you need to learn about it here. But Gifts is one of the Love Languages and of the 5, Gifts is number 5 for me. 

two woman hugging each other
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It is not that you do not appreciate gifts.

Even though gifts are not one of my top love languages, I still appreciate gifts. I am very thankful that someone would want to give of themselves and buy or make me something. It is just not at the forefront of my mind. I don’t know what I would want. Do you? So how in the world would anyone else know?

Two other problems with this situation:

First, I’m a bit of a minimalist and I don’t like to keep too much extra around my home that I do not use often or find exceptionally beautiful.

Second, I don’t want much, but if I do want or need something, I generally can just get it for myself.

We come back to the dilemma of those Dear Lovies in our lives who will buy us something whether they know what we want or not, so it behooves us to supply them with the Ultimate Gift List for Women that they demand. 

Gift List
Ultimate Gift List for Women

Your list might not be exactly like mine, but this one will get you started.

Just so you know, this post might contain affiliate links, and as an affiliate and Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. See my full disclosure here.

It’s Here! The Ultimate Gift List for Women: who don’t ask for anything

Coffee Gift Card

You’re living on a budget that might not include a $5 cup of coffee every morning (and, ahem, some afternoons as well), but oh, how lovely they are. Coffee gift cards can give you that little sip of luxury. Some coffee shops (like Starbucks) have apps on which you can load your gift card and then earn points, to get, you guessed it, more coffee! Even if she does not specifically love coffee, there are other yummy things to get, so coffee gift cards should be on any gift list for women.

Museum Passes

In our area, we have several world-class museums and it is so nice to have an annual pass or membership to pop in on a Sunday afternoon or a rainy day and just walk around. Saturday morning family outings or taking an out-of-town guest visiting are other great reasons to go. A museum pass could be a lovely gift!

women s pair of pink socks
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Wool Blend Socks

Cozy feet, need I say more? Even if you are not in a cold climate, wool blend socks (LINK) are a comfortable and sustainable solution for cozy, dry feet. They’re great for around the house on a cool evening or in boots or sneakers for a brisk hike.

House Cleaning Services Gift Card

All we really want is a clean house and not have to be the one to do it, right? I daydream about a weekly housekeeper, but I digress. A gift certificate to a professional house cleaning company may feel like just the luxury we need and should be added to every gift list for women.


Boots can be both practical and cute (LINK)! Whether you want the right leather ones to go with your distressed skinny jeans or a rubber pair to keep your feet dry for the morning school drop-offs, boots can delight just about any lady. I must add here, buying attire for other people can be tricky, so if this is something you’d like, Be. Very. Specific, like, send a link to the exact pair (and SIZE) you want. If you are buying for the lovely lady, you will probably need to ask her for some specifics, too.


Concert or Theater Tickets

Hamilton is coming to town and so is Beyonce! Concert or theater tickets are a great option when an experience is better than a thing to keep around the house. The hardest part will be deciding on what to wear when you go see them. Perhaps you can wear your new boots. 

Himalayan Salt in Grinder

This is a tiny luxury, but pink Himalayan salt in a grinder (LINK) is so nice!


I know you (and I) are fine with wearing the 5K t-shirt form 2012, but honestly, we can do better with a neat and pretty pajama set (LINK) to give us a little polish as we let the dog out…again.

Everything Bagel Seasoning

Have you had an Everything Bagel from a bagel shop? Oh, good heavens, they are delicious! Everything Bagel Seasoning in a bottle (LINK) gives us the flavors, without looking for parking. You can find it in the spice area of the grocery store and add it on top of just about any savor food like bagels, sliced cucumbers or tomatoes, buttered popcorn, baked chicken, green peppers with cream cheese, the sky is the limit.

Dry Shampoo

If you don’t use dry shampoo (LINK) a few times a week currently, then you own it to yourself to add some to your bathroom arsenal, pronto. Dry shampoo is a great way to get another day (or two) out of your hairstyle and buy you some extra time in the morning. I like this one and this one. Add one to your gift list for women.

Fashion Jewelry Set

I love to get a pulled-together look with a little jewelry set. Our ability to accessorize is supposedly what separates us from animals (Thank you, Steel Magnolias).

Of course, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but a ” target=”_blank”>long necklace with a coordinating pair of earrings (LINK) can add a little polish to any outfit. Bold is fun and she might love it, but to play it a little safer, if you are unsure, is to buy classic pieces in her metal tone of choice.

BONUS: Fashion jewelry sets are so inexpensive and easy to mail. If you protect them correctly they are one of the easiest items on the list to send by mail. Bonus!

gold colored heart pendant necklace beside two glass mugs on table
Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on Pexels.com

Cast Iron Skillet

A cast-iron skillet (LINK) is the quintessential cookware piece every kitchen wants. Its heavy bottom for even heat and naturally non-stick surface are some of the powerhouse features that make a cast iron skillet a must-have for a chef of almost any skill level. The versatile pan can also go straight from cooktop to oven, to table trivet. And once you make homemade cornbread in your skillet you’ll never want to go back. Side note, cast iron skillets take specific care. It is not hard, but if you are giving or getting a skillet, research the care for it.

Good Chef Knife

I am convinced that the people who don’t like cooking are the same ones that have sad knives. A great knife (LINK) that is good and sharp makes the world of difference. Now, you have to know a girl to get her a big knife. If you are sure it’s a safe gift, this could be just the gift that she did not know she was hoping for.

Fleece gloves

My Lands End fleece gloves (LINK) are cozy, versatile, stylish, and practical. The fleece fabric is warm enough to take the edge off the chill but thin enough to allow me to do my errands, and the touchscreen-friendly fingertips enable me to check in on my phone without taking them off. Now, if you are going skiing or making snowballs, you may want these (LINK), but for everyday winter life, get yourself some fleece gloves.

French Press Coffee Maker and Nice Beans

It has been a few minutes since I mentioned coffee, so here it is again. I would not say I am a coffee snob exactly, but I do have a discerning taste, and using a French Press (LINK) makes some delicious coffee and is so fancy. As for the nice beans, I will give you a starting tip, if it comes in a plastic tub, keep looking for something else.


I love slippers. I wear them in the house all the time and even put them in a sack and take them with me when I visit a friend’s house or work in the church nursery. The Isotoner ballet flat style in black satin (LINK) and these Dearfoam styles (link) are super comfy. If you get a tasteful, stylish, comfortable pair, just about any woman could learn to love a slipper.

Foot Callous File

Pedicures are so nice, but in between, we can maintain our baby soft feet or touch them up for a trip to the pool with this handy foot file (LINK). With a 30-second swipe each day in the shower, we can keep our tootsie beach-ready and super soft.

Robot Vacuum

Full disclosure, I do not have a robot vacuum (yet) (LINK), but you can see why it is still on my list. I love a clean floor, but with so many priorities and so little time, delegating the task to “Rosey the Robot” or “Sweeping Beauty” seems like a lovely thing to do. Don’t you agree?

Vitamin Face Serum

A moisturized face can be the difference between a healthy glow and an ashy frown. A daily moisturizer with an SPF is a given, but for an amplified routine, I highly recommend a vitamin-packed face serum (LINK) for overnight under my nightly moisturizer. There are many versions, but the ones fortified with vitamins and anti-oxidants are the ones your face with love. I often get mine at discount stores like TJ Maxx or Marshalls, but you can usually find them wherever you buy your favorite makeup.

woman in black shirt holding white towel
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Phone Case

I have a pretty phone case for a formal events (like dates to Chick-fil-a LOL), but I also love my otter box phone case for its durability and water-resistant features. You can get so many styles right here or here. Buying for someone else? If you know the series and brand of phone she has, phone case options can be so fun!

Kitchen Towels

My favorite work horse kitchen towels are the old-fashioned flour sack towel variety. But I love to have a few that add a punch of style and color to my kitchen, not to mention seasonal ones to make us all feel a little more festive. Dingy towels are not so appetizing to use on your dishes, so fresh ones are a great gift idea. The old ones can be downgraded to eco-friendly cleaning cloths and enjoy the crisp ones in your pretty little kitchen.

Bath Towels

My husband’s grandmother used to buy us a set of white bath towels about every three years. I love it! Though we never asked her for them, she just knew that this is such a universal gift and should be one every gift list for women. Now, get the towels, then reserve some white towels just for guests, pass on the old ones for other purposes (back of the car for summer trips, cut up into rags, donate to the humane society) then refresh the towel stock with the lovely new-comers. (Couples who have been married a while should get another registry for things like this, but I do dream a lot).

Restaurant Gift Card

Date night, girl’s night, don’t-want-to-cook-tonight night are all great reasons to have a gift card on hand. They make great gifts, which is probably how they got their name – wink. We get them for various reasons. To keep them organized, I like to get one of these Xtra Sugar-Free gum packs that come in these snap-close boxes. They’re just right.

Food Delivery Gift Cards

We all know about getting hot fresh pizza delivered to our door, but there are so many services that deliver just about anything you can dream upright to your house. Services like Door Dash or Grub Hub are great options for that special lady in your life. Seriously, it is like room service at home. What could be better? 

Bluetooth Headphones

Whether you want to jam to Taylor Swift or James Taylor or Podcasts and audiobook are more your speed, these ” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>wireless Bluetooth headphones (Link) come in so handy! I use mine all day from neighborhood walks to washing the dishes, these babies are a constant companion. Sure, you can use the earbuds that come with your phone, but the cord-free version brings sweet freedom. There is a range of options from $20 up to $200, so you can find one for any budget.

Audiobook Subscription

We want to be well-read women, to keep growing our beautiful minds, but all this busyness keeps us going – so many books, so little time. I love audiobooks for helping me keep cruising on my reading goals. Because I’m frugal, I always check for audiobooks through my public library’s digital audiobook app first, but the free options can be limited, so an audiobook subscription (LINK) service like audible is a great option for the bookish mom. Use this link, try Audible, and get to free audiobooks (LINK)!

Bluetooth Speaker

In the same vein of wireless headphones and audiobooks, a Bluetooth speaker adds so much value to my life. The quality of the sound is so much more delightful than what is possible from the phone itself. It is amazing the gorgeous sound that can come out of these tiny speakers and the voice activation is nearly life-saving. We like the ” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>Amazon line and the Echo (LINK) is so affordable.

Electronic Toothbrush

Hear me out. This might be a surprise addition to a gift list for women, nonetheless, my mom got electric toothbrushes (LINK) for my husband and me a few years ago and we love them. It may sound strange, but it is one of the best gifts, I have received in a while. My dentist loves that I use an electronic toothbrush, too. I don’t mean to brag, but my hygienist told me the last time that mine was the cleanest teeth she had seen all day. If your lady likes having healthy teeth and gums, she is going to like having a pulsating toothbrush, too.

High-end Chocolates

I have heard of people that do not like chocolate, but let’s not dwell on the negative in this post. Really nice chocolates make such an indulgent gift. If you can buy it in the same place as energy drinks and or windshield wiper blades, it is probably not high end, but you could try some like Godiva (link) or Burdick (link).

delicious various desserts on black table
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Fashionable Throw Blanket

To clarify, even if you are not in a cool climate or season, the right throw blanket can add that right bit of Hygge to your relaxation time. In addition, a well-appointed throw can punch up the decor in a tidy little living room. Put some loving thought into it and you’re sure to have a winner to put on any gift list for women.

If you want to literally amp up this gift, an ” target=”_blank”>electric heated blanket (LINK) feels so luxurious and naughty at the same time. If you live in a place that gets cool. This would be a glorious gift.


I am admittedly going out on a limb with this last one, but if it is a good fit, perfume is a great gift! I don’t wear perfume every day, but I do have a few favorites that I like to spritz on for special occasions, like a fancy trip to Walmart LOL! Perfume is a luxury and makes a great gift. If you love it, ask for it. If you are buying for someone else, be sure to do your homework to make sure she loves the kind you want to buy or can even tolerate perfume at all.

What do you think?

Are your gift ideas on this list? Is this list similar to your gift list for women? Anything you would definitely ax? After reading this, did you discover anything new you hadn’t thought of before? What would you add? Continue the conversation in the comments below or on social media Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest

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