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I am Jaime Ragsdale, founder of Altogether Mostly.

I am on a mission to help you if you are ready to simplify life to focus on what matters most – Letting go to live more!

Weaving a life

I worked in corporate and thrived. I earned degrees and certifications because I loved to learn and grow.

I had my first baby at 35 and assumed I would rock that too.

And it seems I did.

I birthed my babies naturally by breathing, pumped milk in dark conference rooms, sent cloth diapers and homemade organic baby food to daycare. At home, we did the nature walks, sensory bins, read all the books, and I did all the “super mom” stuff.


After a move cross-country for my career, with no support system, I began to unravel and I burned out.

Something had to give and I will always prioritize my kids. So I abruptly began my work-from-home-mom life.

And it was a bumpy ride.

As I healed, I realized that I had lost track of what was really important to me trying to keep up with All. The. Things. that I felt compelled to do.

Letting go to live more

By clearly spelling out my core values, I am designing a life that I can thrive in now and create a loving legacy for my family and an abundant future!

And did I mention that I have more fun and joy in the midst?

I can let go of the things that do not fully support what matters most to me. This lightens my load so I can live more and have more joy!

My family deserves a happy wife, mother, sister, and friend!

I will guide you through your life project, so your can start letting go to live more.

Jaime Ragsdale
Jaime Ragsdale, Founder of Altogether Mostly

Semi-interesting facts, I…

Used to live in Spain
Love to cook and bake and made my own wedding cake
Had “geriatric” pregnancies with zero issues
Was a vocal performer and got to sing pro ball games and many other venues!
Have moved over 30 times
Consider myself an extroverted-introvert
Was a wedding organizer as a side hustle
Toddlers and middle schoolers are my favorite child stages
Can whistle through my teeth

Life details

My bachelor’s degree in Theology and my master’s is in Organizational Leadership (MOL). I earned the Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA) certification and worked in financial services and non-profit administration for about 20 years before becoming a work-from-home mom.

I live in the Midwest United States, Southeast Michigan with my loving husband and awesome children.

With Love,

Jaime Ragsdale
Altogether Mostly

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