Stuff to Get Rid of Now – Part One: Shoes and Clothing

stuff to get rid of decluttering

Decluttering can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. Here is a list of stuff to get rid of right now. Whether you have been at this a while or you need a nudge to get started, we are here to help you clean up your act (well at least some of your stuff).

In part one, I’m giving you a list of things that will get you started. This list is not exhaustive (and should not be exhausting haha!), but rather some simple questions to ask yourself about the items you have cluttering up your world.

Some people ask about joy and that is a great way to go, but this list of stuff to get rid of now is a little bit less sparkly and a little more practical.

Stuff to get rid of now and HOW

Some decluttering schools of thought suggest doing a marathon over possibly several days or weeks to get everything decluttered once and for all.

Here at Altogether Mostly, we take it a little at a time – bite-sized Chunks! Take it one day at a time and do what you CAN. As Daniel Tiger would say, “Do your best. Your best is the best for Yooooouu.”

I have a post over HERE about simple routines to create as habits to get your home nearly running on autopilot. But I want to get this little caveat in here. This is just a catalyst to get you out of “first gear” and there will be more posts to follow for other areas of the home.

If you have any of these items in your space (in your closet, in storage, in a spare closet, in the laundry room piled up, in the coat closet, in a box with a fox), then I give you permission right now to get them and release them from your control.

Where Will It Go?

“But Jaime, does this mean that you have to put them in the trash to go to the landfill?”

Maybe. There are some items that no one should have to wear again. Trash those and feel no guilt.

Some areas, however, like mine, have a textile recycling program. Our waste management company offers specific textile bags in which to put clothes and cloth to be recycled. They sort it, reuse/resell what they can, and find ways to recycle the materials that have methods to recycle like for home insulation and even other clothes.

Some clothing companies like Nike and Patagonia, for example, take used shoes and clothing and recycle or dispose of them responsibly.

Challenge yourself to see what you can do to give your excess another life.

Later, check out this interesting post about textile recycling Here.

Give it another chance, please!

Some items, however, will bless someone. Pass them along for someone else to try is a loving act. If you need suggestions, connect in the comments, in our Facebook community or message me. But in general, there are many charities (and for-profits) that will take gently used clothing to give a second chance. Find one in your area. Many of these organizations will even come to your home and pick them up if you schedule it!

Part of our debt-free journey (and even today) includes primarily shopping at thrift stores, especially for me and the kids. This is for another post, but I bought my son’s first complete school uniform 100% from the thrift store for under $100 total! I am a believer!

Now, without further ado, I present the list to you…

Stuff to get rid of list


Stuff to get rid of

Clothing that is:

  • Outgrown
  • Not Flattering
  • A year or more has passed without wearing it
  • Not fitting well
  • Uncomfortable
  • Stained
  • Ripped
  • Damaged and can’t be fixed easily or within the week
  • Stretched out
  • Broken: zipper or fastener
  • Not a flattering color
  • Out-dated
  • More than two of the same thing
  • Too short
  • Sloppy
  • Back in style
  • Must be tugged or stretched to fit properly
  • Being held just in case (you lose the weight, gain the weight, get invited to the White House, go on The Bachelor, or grow two inches)
  • Wore once when your hair was frosted, but not since

Shoes that are:

  • Too small
  • More than 3 of the similar style/color
  • Only goes with one outfit you no longer have/fit in
  • Does not go with any outfits
  • Out-dated
  • You have had for more that one decade
  • Uncomfortable
  • Damaged
  • Worn out
  • Stained/too dirty to clean
  • Too big
  • Heels too high
  • Pinches your toes
  • Digs into any part of the foot or ankle
  • Rubs your heels raw/blisters
  • Must be worn with bandages or surgical silicone
  • Makes you look like a gender you do not identify with
  • Duct Tape has any role in the function of the shoe

How did it go?
Did you find stuff to get rid of now?

Did you find items that fit in this list? There is no shame here – only grace, so say “Au Revoir” and move them on to their next purpose.

Share your successes!

As you make progress with your shoes and clothing, post a pic on social media and tag me @AltogetherMostly. I would love to celebrate with you!

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