Great prompts to clear your mind when you feel overwhelmed

Sometimes life can feel so complex and out of control. When you feel too overwhelmed to know where to start, do a brain dump, mind sweep, or thought download to give your conscience a well-deserved rest. Here are some great prompts to clear your mind when you feel overwhelmed. Maybe you popped in here because […]

Quick ways to focus when you feel overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed? Quick and simple ways to get focused when you feel overwhelmed and life seems out of control.

30+ Ways I don’t spend money that may surprise you

30 things I do not spend money on that may surprise and hopefully inspire you to get out of debt or save big money.

Reverse meal planning: simple steps to save time and money

New tool to save time and money feeding your family. Reverse meal planning might be your new secret advantage. Read more.

Simple Ideas to respond to a child’s difficult behavior

Puzzled by difficult behavior? Nurture your child and your relationship with these simple ideas to respond to a child’s difficult behavior.

8 Items you need to start a capsule wardrobe

Simplify your closet. Where to start?Get the list of the 8 basic items you need to start your capsule wardrobe.

Stuff to Get Rid of Now, Part 2: Digital Clutter

Running out of storage? Use this checklist to start simplifying your digital life: stuff to get rid of now, part 2: digital clutter.

How to Avoid Drama in Your Life: List of the Best Tips

Avoid life drama Do you ever feel emotionally drained? One of the biggest contributors to mental and emotional exhaustion is drama in our lives. Drama begs us to take responsibility for other people’s junk. Do you want to simplify your busy life? You must cancel the drama. But how? In this post, I will help […]

The Truth About What Kids Must Know For Kindergarten

What must a child know for kindergarten? There are government standards for kindergarten readiness, and even more lofty ideals to prepare these tiny people for ambitious careers. I think it is safe to say, all of us want to offer our children every advantage that we can, but what if we have it all wrong? […]

Stupid simple strategies: get your kids to drink more water

Water is life! How to get your kids to drink more water with these stupid simple strategies.

4 Simple Playdough Literacy Activities for Preschool Children

Playdough is an excellent tool for growing brains. 4 early literacy activities you can try today.

How to make a homemade ice cream recipe – in a bag?

5 ingredients and a few zipper plastic bags, learn how to make homemade ice cream in a bag.

My Best Simple Moving tips and Advice After 30 Moves

My best simple moving advice after 30+ moves: How to get started when the thought of moving has you feeling overwhelmed.

Super Easy Tortilla Pizzas Kids Can Make, 15-Minutes

Super easy tortilla pizza (big) kids can make in 15-minutes. Just a few ingredients and 15 minutes, problem solved with this snack hack.

It’s Here! Awesome timely no-sew face mask hack

IT’S HERE! A timely awesome no-sew face mask hack tutorial. This post will teach you how to make a face mask that will be mind-blowingly (is that a word?) easy. I made 6 masks in 5 minutes for under 5 dollars (US)! And the best part? NO SEWING! Even kids can help! No-sew mask? As […]

Revolutionary acts of kindness to do with your kids right now

This list of the revolutionary acts of kindness to do with your kids right now, during a global crisis, can change the world. No really, if we had more love and kindness, the world would be a better place. Practicing skills for kindness with our kids not only blesses the person that we are serving […]

Surprising ways people fail with a capsule wardrobe and the must-know secrets

A simple guide to designing your capsule wardrobe today. Surprising ways people fail with a capsule wardrobe and the must-know secrets.

Simple Taco Seasoning Recipe to Make in 8 Delicious Seconds

Taco Tuesday in a snap with this easy taco seasoning recipe from Leave the pre-made seasoning packets on the shelf, save a few pennies, and make your very own taco seasoning recipe.

The Truth About Mom-Shame and What We Can Do

The Truth About Mom-Shame and What We Can Do We each have the freedom to choose between reacting to mom-shame and our choice to rise above. This is a story about when I had my first mom-shaming experience (that I am aware of) and my response. I like the quote when Michelle Obama said, “When […]

The Ultimate Book List for Adults Who Know

Reading list for life? Behold, the Ultimate Book List for Adults Who Know – from Home to Finance, and Career to Relationships.

Simple Classic Chicken Soup That Will Soothe The Soul

Nourish yourself heart and soul with this simple classic chicken soup recipe with real, nutritious ingredients and a dash of love.

When I Spoke up Instead of Laughing it off

When I spoke up instead of laughing it off. I’m a light-hearted girl, but let me tell you about a time when I spoke up instead of laughing it off. I’m a work in process and in no way perfect, but this is my story that I want to share and it is history now. […]