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small boy with cap and goggles tooking to the sky with hand raise
This is the post that went viral in 2020

Do you want to be a great mother?

You want to be a great mom and make a lasting contribution to your world! Life can be distracting and it is easy to lose your way.

There are so many expectations thrown at us that it is easy to get confused. It does not have to be that way!

Start your reset today. Get the FREE download with the exact prompts I use, so you may Clear Your Mind, mute distractions, and get the immediate brain reset you deserve.

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Jaime Ragsdale
Jaime Ragsdale, Founder of Altogether Mostly

Welcome to Altogether Mostly!
About the author, Jaime Ragsdale

I’m Jaime. I’m a mom, wife, and corporate dropout. I decide to stop trying to live up to all the expectations and start designing a life where we could thrive with grace! I am Letting go to Live More. I am on a mission to help you thrive, too. More about me here.

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