It’s Here! Awesome timely no-sew face mask hack

no sew face mask

IT’S HERE! A timely awesome no-sew face mask hack tutorial. This post will teach you how to make a face mask that will be mind-blowingly (is that a word?) easy.

I made 6 masks in 5 minutes for under 5 dollars (US)!

And the best part? NO SEWING! Even kids can help!

No-sew mask? As in, no sewing?

Yes! It is true and my tutorial is here for you. I am sharing it with you because I love you. I know we don’t know each other very well, but it is true. (You can “meet me” over here. link)

You can, for real, prepare several masks in just a few minutes and the only equipment you need is a good pair of sharp fabric scissors.

Before we begin…

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What these no-sew masks are great for?

These masks are great in public situations when masks are required, but reasonable social distancing measures can be maintained.

These no-sew mask face coverings do not hang on the ears, so it is a great one to use if ears are sore or that kind of mask cannot be worn for some reason.

These face covers do not tie, so you don’t have to bother with hair getting stick in the knot. Ouch!

They are great for keeping around your neck when a mask needs to be pulled on and off several times. This kind of face-covering is great to keep on hand for back up when another mask is not available. It can also be worn with another light mask if you wanted to double up.

Before we start, I think I should make the disclaimer that these face-covering masks are not medical grade. They are not going to block 100% of anything (but for the record neither will the other cloth or disposable ones).

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What you’ll need to make the no-sew face mask

ONE: Women’s short sleeve sport knit t-shirt.

A plus-sized, 1X-3X works the best because the sleeve is the right size the stretch over the head.

I had some tops like this around, so I cleaned them well and used them. I also purchased some from the thrift store for just a few dollars. (Of course, I cleaned them well.)

TWO: Sharp fabric-cutting scissors.

The best scissors for this job are Fiskars or and Gingher. Sharp fabric scissors make a huge difference in precision and make the project so much smoother. This is where you can buy my recommendations on Amazon:

THREE: And lastly, use a flat, well-lit cutting surface

That is it!

How to make the no-sew face mask

Step One:

To get started, read all the instructions before you begin.

Then lay the shirt out flat on your cutting surface.

Step Two:

Next, beginning at the underarm, start cutting off the sleeve with the serged overlocked seam remaining attached on the side of the sleeve, not the shirt. Do not cut open the sleeve seam; leave it as a tube.

(Link: What does serger overlock seam mean?)

no-sew face mask
Cut the sleeves off leaving the seam attached to the sleeve

Step Three:

Cut the circumference of the sleeve leaving the serger(?) seam edge intact. This will leave a finished edge on the sleeve all the way around.

Step Four:

Lay the new now-sew mask out flat and trim off any extra strings or fabric, so the edges look as neat as possible. (Or allow grace for it to not be perfect!)

Step Five:

Wash all your masks together in a lingerie bag on the hottest water that the fabric type will allow with your regular detergent.

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To sanitize your no-sew mask (or any face covering), spritz the surface with water and heat it with a hot iron. Use the setting that is as hot as the fabric type will allow. The hot steam kills germs.


As an added bonus, adding a light spritz of essential oil to the mask can help make wearing it a little more enjoyable. You can choose calming or invigorating oil blends.


Because of the bacteria and moisture from your face and breath, a mask should be changed every day and ideally should not be worn more than 2 accumulative hours in a day. It is a great idea to have several clean masks available to change them often.

One way to quickly and simply kill the bacteria on a mask between washing and sanitizing is spritz the surface with rubbing alcohol (it needs to be at least a 70% formula) to kill germs. Do not wear the mask again until it is completely dry. This does not replace washing and sanitizing, but is a great touch up and the alcohol drys fast.

No-sew mask? As in, no sewing?

So now, with my no-sew face mask hack tutorial, you know how to do this, too and why I said it was so easy!

You can, for real, prepare several masks in just a few minutes and the only equipment you need is a good pair of sharp fabric scissors (If you need some new ones, use my links above) and some women’s sport knit tops.

And the best part? Did I mention NO SEWING?

Sharing is Caring: it means to much to me!

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