Revolutionary acts of kindness to do with your kids right now

Acts of kindness

This list of the revolutionary acts of kindness to do with your kids right now, during a global crisis, can change the world. No really, if we had more love and kindness, the world would be a better place.

Practicing skills for kindness with our kids not only blesses the person that we are serving but will leave an indelible impression on the empathy pathways in the heart and mind of our children. Let’s face it, we are selfish beings. It makes sense that we have to look out for ourselves to survive, but we were also made for community and kindness that brings us together.

How Acts of Kindness are Revolutionary: even when they seem small

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What is a revolution and what is so revolutionary about it?

A revolution is a complete change or turnaround. How can kindness do that? People are hurting everywhere. Life is stressful. One small act can brighten someone’s day. That is a powerful way to change the momentum of their life, if even ever so slightly.

revolution: /ˌrevəˈlo͞oSH(ə)n/
  1. a sudden, radical, or complete change.
  2. a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something.
  3. a change of paradigm.
  4. having to do with turning around.

What if every day was brightened by kindness? How would that feel? It might feel like you can face the dark parts with a little more strength and courage and that, my friend, could be revolutionary.

I love this quote from Emily Dickinson, “Forever is composed of nows.” Every moment is part of one person’s forever. Each tiny habit we repeat, each thought we have, each feeling we embrace are the steps toward our forever.

That is how your act of kindness can have a permanent mark on eternity. Astounding to think!

Revolutionary Acts of Kindness to do with your kids right now

Call or text a relative with a joke of the day.

Leave a cooler with iced water bottles for your letter carrier and package delivery personnel

Compliment another parent.

Paint and hide rocks with positive messages in your park or around town.

Color pictures, write letters, or cards for seniors in nursing homes.

Hide loving notes for family members for them to find around the house.

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Put the carts back at the grocery store.

Wear gloves and pick up litter at your local park or around your community.

Pull weeds in your neighbor’s flowerbed or clean up their yard.

Call relatives on FaceTime or Zoom.

Write a letter to a healthcare worker thanking them for their service.

Pay for the car behind you in the drive through.

Donate books to a tiny free library.

Send flowers to a teacher.

Write positive chalk messages on your sidewalk or driveway.

Wash the car of a friend or neighbor.

More Acts of Kindness to Revolutionize your World

Idea from, order a new book from our list of diverse books for kids and have it sent to a friend. 

Text a lovely message to at least one person each day.

Hide small toys at the park with a note of kindness.

Help someone pick up something they dropped.

Offer to pick up a friend’s grocery order and bring it to them.

Leave a thank you sign for the waste management team.

Write a letter to your politician thanking them for their service.

Greet people, wave, and look them in the eye (since seeing smiles with a mask is difficult).

Send a care package to deployed military personnel.

Write letters or cards to deployed military personnel.

Leave a kind note or pretty bookmark in your library book when you return it.

Have pizza delivered to the fire and/or EMS station.

Pick out some great pajamas and underwear and donate them to foster kids.

Donate books, coloring books, and crayons to the children’s hospital.

Acts of kindness can be for the earth or the people

Plant a tree (sometimes you need permission).

Commit to sincerely compliment a friend or stranger at least once everyday.

Leave an extra big tip for your serve, delivery person, or other service providers along with a note of gratitude.

Make a bird feeder or put out peanuts with shells for the squirrels.

Send postcards to faraway friends (or close ones).

Thank a veteran!

Send encouraging notes to essential workers.

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Return your neighbor’s trash barrels for them.

Organize a drive-by parade for an immune-compromised friend or neighbor.

Leave a great review for a business you like.

Every time you hear a siren, pray together for the police, EMT, firefighter, and/or whoever is in trouble.

Thank the facilities and administrative staff at school.

Prepare Blessing Bags to give to homeless persons you see in the community. When you meet them, ask them their name and ask if you can pray for them. In the bag, add Gatorade, protein bar, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, small bar soap, face towel, nail clippers, tampons, quarters, snacks, encouragement card, for example.

Leave encouraging notes around your city.

Buy a new book for a foster child.

Buy a plant for a new local business (or an old one).

Donate to a pregnancy care center.

Compliment a neighbor’s dog they are walking.

Say thank you for the cashier, pharmacy tech, and other workers you encounter in your community every day.


Practicing the skills for kindness with our kids not only blesses the person that we are giving to but will help our children build empathy.

Kindness brings us together. This list of the revolutionary acts of kindness to do with your kids right now, during a global crisis, can change the world. If we had more love and kindness, the world would be a better place. Do you agree?

Which Acts of Kindness are your families favorites?

Do you share an act of kindness that is not on my list? Tell us about it in the comment below.


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  • Great suggestions, as a military veteran I particularly like the idea of writing to deployed personnel. It is such a kind and meaningful gesture. Lovely post.

    • Justine, thank you for your kind comment. Showing kindness to our neighbors (in the universal sense) is so important, especially those who serve and protect us silently and many times without thanks.
      Thank you for your service. <3 Jaime

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