Activities for Preschool At-Home

Learning Letters

If you need some activities for preschool at home, you have come to the right place. Below, I am compiling a list of tried and true ideas we have done over the years with my children that I hope you can apply to your family.

Important! This list is growing, so bookmark it and come back often!

Children Learn Best Through Play

Starting out, I must make it clear. The primary method of learning for young children is playing. I believe that traditional academics are not a priority for a good foundation for the toddler and preschool years. This is to emphasize that a young child should not be forced into what I call schoolwork, which includes flashcards, worksheets, and similar traditional schoolwork.

Some children enjoy this kind of work and I am all for that, but please do not pressure a child who is not interested or make it into a source of stress. It must be fun and child-led in the earliest years.

Preschoolers are curious and eager learners. They love fun, color, discovery, and to be close to a caregiver.

What we are working on

We are teaching our preschooler to write his last name (already got his first). We do a variety of different activities to keep it fun and to figure out how he learns best.

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Without further ado…

Activities for Preschool at Home

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Learning with Bananagrams

Today, he built his name with Banana-grams tiles. I write out the name and he must match the appropriate tiles to the appropriate letter.

The tiles are all capital letters and I wrote the name with an uppercase first letter and lowercase subsequent letters. This offered the additional exercise of matching upper and lower case letters.

These letter tiles and similar ones can be used in many ways like building sight words, phonics lessons, letter recognition and more. What ideas can you come up with to use letter tiles like these as activities for preschool at home?

Colorful Workbooks

I am not usually on to push worksheets and workbooks for early education. I think hands-on learning is usually better for the littlest ones. However having said that the inexpensive workbooks and printable pages from the lovely ladies of the internet have been a great supplement to early reading, writing, and math skills for little people.

More to Come:

I have has some requests for more preschool at-home activities, so as we do them (and I remember to get photos), I will add more to this post. If you would like to be notified of this, please send me an email altogetherjaime at gmail dot com.

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