When Time is Love

Love In Parenting

My son received a “spring toy” (a.k.a. cheap slinky) as a prize from Sunday school. No offense for God’s people in China who work hard making spring toys, or the loving teachers who buy and give them, but those things are cheap and not designed to endure standard child usage.

This shiny blue one was a tangled mess in record time – before we got to the car.  The previous record was held by a yellow and orange one, which survived 8 seconds after getting buckled in.

I want to be clear, I am fine with this. It allows kids the dopamine hit of a prize, but when it is rendered useless, in short order, I have full license to toss it in the recycling bin freeing us from clutter.  See, win-win. 

But you know what? My sweet baby child asked me after bedtime prayers, in the dark, all warm and sweet, “Mommy, will you fix my slinky in the morning?  I love it.”   

I replied to him with a warm smile and a coo, “ I will do my best, Pudding Pop.”

You know what that angel from heaven above said to me? “Mom, if you try hard, and do your best, I know you can do it.”

Now, That. Is. L O V E.

Love in Action

After breakfast the next morning, the kids went to work at their play. 

I found that mangled spring toy (side note: I’m no mechanical engineer, but I cannot fathom how it gets that bad, that quickly). It was quiet (I use that term loosely), I had some strong, black coffee, and I spent 20 focused minutes painstakingly de-tangling the spaghetti, I mean, toy.  It was a toy with a street value of probably a few pennies, but I invested my love in it that morning, sorting it out and that warmed my heart a little bit.

I spent years working and striving, thinking of time as money. Today, time is love. 

Can you remember a time when a time that illustrates when Time is Love for you? I want to warm hearts with this reminder of the impact we’re making on little lives everyday. <3

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