Open Letter to the Class of 2020

High school photo

Open letter to the senior class of 2020

My heart goes out to the high school seniors whose final year of childhood was abruptly cut short.

It’s hard.
It’s not fair.
It makes no sense.

There are no words we can say to give that back to you.

We’re sorry.

High school photo
Jaime Then and Now

I post a photo of myself from long ago when I had the whole world before me like you – so much potential, so much hope.

I want to wish you all the best, but as you have learned so young, sometimes things are the worst, so I won’t wish that.

Sometimes life is hard, it’s not fair and it makes no sense.

Serendipitous Joy

But sometimes the world offers us serendipitous joys we didn’t expect in the most unlikely places.
In the dark, dry places, a hope lives and opens a door to a lesson, an opportunity, a connection.

That’s where we shine

That’s where we shine, in spite of the darkness surrounding us – grasping hold of the serendipitous joys.
If we care to grope through the darkness and look. 

My heart goes out to the high school seniors in this open letter to the senior class of 2020.

It’s OK to mourn. 
Get angry.
Be sad. 
Feel this. It’s real.

But don’t stay there. 

Push through the dark to claim your serendipity.

It is yours.

With my love,
Jaime Ragsdale

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