Activities for Preschool At-Home

If you need some activities for preschool at home, you have come to the right place. Below, I am compiling a list of tried and true ideas we have done over the years with my children that I hope you can apply to your family. Important! This list is growing, so bookmark it and come […]

4 Simple Playdough Literacy Activities for Preschool Children

Playdough is an excellent tool for growing brains. 4 early literacy activities you can try today.

75 Better Easter Baskets ideas that are not candy

Are Easter baskets a tradition for your family? I grew up with them and I want to bless my kids, but I do not need them loaded up with sugar or add a bunch of useless clutter! So I compiled a list of 75 better Easter basket ideas that are not candy. Consider this to […]

6 Simple inexpensive Ways to Make the Holidays Magical this year

Do you remember the feeling of Christmas as a child? It is a kind of magic that is hard to describe, but it is a feeling most of us know. 6 simple and inexpensive ways to make the holidays magical this year.

Why I told my 3-year-old the truth about Santa

I love Christmas, but Santa does not bring gifts to our house. This is why I told my kids the truth about Santa.

Make this Nutella and peanut butter tortilla snack hack

Need a fast and yummy snack idea? It is a Nutella and peanut butter tortilla snack hack and this is the recipe.

How to stop spending money on these Disposables and what to do instead

We do not spend money on several common disposable items, saving us money and the planet. This is how you can too and what to do instead.

How to make a simple Reading morning basket for Toddlers

A morning basket is an intentional time of connection and learning at home and a great way to make family reading time work. This is how to make a simple morning basket rhythm for toddlers.

The Truth About What Kids Must Know For Kindergarten

What must a child know for kindergarten? There are government standards for kindergarten readiness, and even more lofty ideals to prepare these tiny people for ambitious careers. I think it is safe to say, all of us want to offer our children every advantage that we can, but what if we have it all wrong? […]

Stupid simple strategies: get your kids to drink more water

Water is life! How to get your kids to drink more water with these stupid simple strategies.

Revolutionary acts of kindness to do with your kids right now

This list of the revolutionary acts of kindness to do with your kids right now, during a global crisis, can change the world. No really, if we had more love and kindness, the world would be a better place. Practicing skills for kindness with our kids not only blesses the person that we are serving […]

Surprising ways people fail with a capsule wardrobe and the must-know secrets

A simple guide to designing your capsule wardrobe today. Surprising ways people fail with a capsule wardrobe and the must-know secrets.

Parent Powerful Kids by Saying This Instead of “Good Job”

Parent Confident Kids by Saying This Instead of “Good Job” Of course, our children are amazing and we want to praise them, but did you know that praise does not equal confidence. So let’s say this instead of “Good Job!” First, saying things like, “Good job” or “Way to go, Buddy!” are not bad things […]

What if I don’t want that normal anymore?

What if I don’t want that normal anymore? Thoughts on going back to normal. What if I don’t want that normal anymore? One afternoon, I was folding laundry while I listened to my kids playing in the room nearby. I had this silent uneasiness that I could not quite articulate at the time. It had nothing […]

How to up-cycle crayons: free & simple activity to do with kids

Do you have a bunch of old broken crayons? Would you like to give them a new use? This simple activity is both free and easy on the environment. I will teach you how to upcycle crayons as a free and simple activity to do with kids. What do people do with old crayons? I […]

Ultimate Gift List for Women who don’t ask

I’m here to show the ultimate gift list for women. This is the curated list of things, both big and small, that every woman wants. If you are like me, then you can use this list as a starting point for letting people who ask know what you want when they are demanding a gift […]

Stuff to Get Rid of Now – Part One: Shoes and Clothing

Decluttering can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. Here is a list of stuff to get rid of right now. Whether you have been at this a while or you need a nudge to get started, we are here to help you clean up your act (well at least some of your stuff). In […]

7 Simple Steps to Bring Peace to your Money Mindset

Do you want to change your money mindset? Do you just wish you could have more peace and less worry? Here are 7 Simple Steps for Money Mindset Peace.

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