Easy Chai Tea Latte Recipe at Home

Do you love Chai Tea? My easy chai tea latte recipe is just what you need for those days at home or to take to go at a fraction of the cost of the shop. The first time I ever had chai, I was on a family trip to Olympia, Washington, USA to visit my […]

Parent Powerful Kids by Saying This Instead of “Good Job”

Parent Confident Kids by Saying This Instead of “Good Job” Of course, our children are amazing and we want to praise them, but did you know that praise does not equal confidence. So let’s say this instead of “Good Job!” First, saying things like, “Good job” or “Way to go, Buddy!” are not bad things […]

Microwave Salted Caramel Recipe

Yes, you read that title correctly, microwave salted caramel recipe. I love the simple sweet and toasty flavor of caramel and it is so satisfying to make simple recipes like this, myself. YOU can make delicious caramels… In the microwave Without another pot to wash Without a thermometer In just one bowl! Who knew? I […]