75 Better Easter Baskets ideas that are not candy

Easter basket filler ideas that are not candy

Are Easter baskets a tradition for your family? I grew up with them and I want to bless my kids, but I do not need them loaded up with sugar or add a bunch of useless clutter! So I compiled a list of 75 better Easter basket ideas that are not candy. Consider this to be your ultimate Easter gift guide.

Maybe you popped in here because you want unique Easter gifts for your kids’ baskets that are not hollow chocolate with long ears wrapped in foil, encourage play and learning, do not have artificial food dye, and are not nearly-disposable plastic junk. Then you are in the right place.

I am confident you will find your new favorite non-candy Easter basket ideas here!

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Experience Gifts

At the top of the list is the ultimate no-sugar, non-clutter gift list – experience gifts! Holiday giving opportunities are a great way to give things that are not actual things. Easter baskets are a great time to get all the spring and summer fun and experience gifts

Swimming Lessons

Movie Tickets

Gaming Vouchers: Personalize giving credits for Minecraft and other games using this printable template from my Etsy shop.

Museum Passes

Zoo Passes

Passes to indoor play parks

Restaurant vouchers or gift cards

Concert or Event Passes: to make it more fun consider customizing a ticket template to personalize the gift for their basket. Use this link to buy an affordable template from my shop.


We love excuses to add new books to our little home library. Studies show that growing up in a home with lots of books makes one smarter. That alone is reason enough to add bookish gifts to your spring basket.

But even more, books can be so much fun even for the most hesitant reader. Consider the specific interests of your child and what will be the most meaningful kids of books for their experience.

For example, if he is into Pokemon, consider a guide on the strengths and strategy so he can learn more about the game. If she loves horses, consider a chapter book with a horse theme like Black Beauty or A Horse for Kate.

Easter is also an excellent time to upgrade your child’s Bible or devotional or faith-based reading as they mature.

Coloring books and crayons

Mess-free Coloring Set

Sketch pad and colored pencils

Board books

Picture books

Chapter books

Children’s Bible


LEGO Magazine Subscription (it’s free!) Link to sign up here:

Children’s Picture Encyclopedia

Learn to Draw Book

Learning Fun


Sand Art Kit

Egg-dying kit

Seed-growing kit

Crafting set

Jewelry-making set

Stomp Rocket

Sensory Play

Kinetic sand

PlayDoh (recipe) cutters



Wicki Stix

Games and Puzzles



Deck of cards

UNO Cards

Silk Play Scarves





Toys and Dolls


Rubiks Cube

Toy Vehicles

Figures, animals, and Little People

Stuffed Bunny

Stuffed Animals


Arts and Crafts


Paint/Painting Set

Modeling Clay

Scented Markers

Gel Pens

Water Wow mess-free books

Eating and Drinking

Fun water bottle or cup

Theme dishes for kids


Real fruit pouches

Health bars

“Green” dishes

Bento Box

The Great Outdoors

My kids’ birthdays are in the winter, so spring is a great time to add a few warm weather gear to our stash.

Thinking through a theme can help narrow down the plan. For example, consider items that would be great for camping, or maybe you want to improve backyard fun. An Easter basket is a great time to stock up for a great warm-weather season!

Beach Towel




Sand toys

Bucket and Spade


Nature guide books

Jump rope

Insect observation kit

Magnifying glass

Bird feeder kit

Sports and Lawn Games


Balls and tossing games

Ladder Golf

Velcro Ball Toss Set

Cone and rings for an obstacle course

Ring toss set

Kiddie Pool

Life Jacket

Bath and Beauty

Bubble Bath

Bath Bombs

Special soap

Lip balm

Bath toys

Bath Crayons or bath paints

Clothes and Accessories

Costume Jewelry

Fun Socks


Character Tshirt

Hair ties


Bunny Ears Headband

Purse or bag

Sun hat


Swim Suit

Personalized t-shirt or bodysuit


75 Easter Basket Filler Ideas NO candy
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