2-Ingredient Grain-Free Pancake Recipe

stack of golden healthy grain-free pancakes made with two ingredients

Introducing, delicious, healthy pancakes whipped up in minutes with just two ingredients. If you want a super easy, healthy, gluten-free breakfast, then the 2-ingredient grain-free pancake recipe is for you. Yes, just two ingredients!

For a time, I was against all grain. That is to say, that I was not eating any grains, like wheat, oats, and corn, because of some family health things going on. (I also cut all added or artificial sugars and sweeteners at that time). Several people around me were aghast that I could find a way to live without grains in my life, but alas, I did and actually, I felt great!

Modified Recipes to Exclude Grain

During that time, I got pretty creative with my recipes and modifying them for grain-free living. In most ways, it is a very simple way to eat. If one eats whole foods as they come from nature, then it is easy to know if grain or a sweetener was in it. So for example, if I made dinner with salmon, roasted broccoli, and a salad with oil and vinegar, then I knew what was in it – salmon, broccoli, vegetables, vinegar, and oil.

I Wanted Pancakes!

There came a time when I wanted pancakes. And by golly, I had them so I dreamed up a way to get them. I experimented a few times, but I landed on something so simple yet so brilliant (humbly, of course.) Enter 2-ingredient grain-free pancakes.

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Grain-Free Pancakes

2-Ingredient Grain-Free Pancakes Recipe

Makes 8 – 1/4 Cup Pancakes, Serves Two

2 Eggs
2 Medium Ripe Bananas

In a small bowl, mash the bananas with a fork until nearly smooth, but not watery.
In a medium mixing bowl, with a whisk, beat 2 large eggs just until it begins to become frothy.
Add the bananas to the egg mixture and mix together until well-blended.
Lightly oil a skillet heated to medium-low.
Using a 1/4 cup measure, drop the mixture onto the warm skillet allowing 1″-2″ on each side.
When the bubbles on the top of the pancake have mostly burst and the pancake is solidly cooked enough to flip, use a spatula and turn them over to cook on the other side.

Important Tips:

First! Cook the pancakes at a lower temperature for longer (than you would a traditional pancake). Because of the sugars in the banana, they tend to scorch on the surface, but if you keep the heat low and slow, you’ll have better success!

Toppings! My kids love these! We usually serve them with peanut butter or Nutella, but sometimes if we are feeling fancy we use strawberries and whipped cream.

Recipe Variation: Adding a pinch of cinnamon and salt can amp up the flavor, but I did not include this in the recipe because then it would not be purely two ingredients and I’ve got my integrity, of course. (smile)

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